Child Care Course in Melbourne

Whether you are so new to Australia that the ink has barely dried on your passport stamp or have lived in Melbourne so long as t o know your Geelong Cats from your Richmond Tigers, I am sure you will have noticed just how multicultural this country is.

Many visitors think of Australia as being all about sun, surfing, kangaroos, koalas and enjoying outdoor barbeques. Many more still think it is more like a dusty, wild-west frontier as portraited in the classic Aussie movie, Crocodile Dundee.

Well, you will certainly find these attractions and many more if you look for them, but the reality is that crocodile hunters and wild animals are not very abundant on the busy streets of Melbourne! In between gourmet coffees, renowned art galleries and everchanging weather, you might have noticed that Melbourne is a truly diverse city, hosting many different people from all over the world, reflecting the incredibly diverse variety of cuisines one can enjoy from all over the globe.

Child Care Certificate 3 |  Child Care Course in Melbourne

At ZOI, we are aware our Certificate III and Diploma students will have to acclimatise to this diversity in their workplaces which is why we believe it is important for future early childhood educators to have a thorough understanding of different cultures, ethics and mannerisms.

As an added service to our students, we organized our first international student lunch, which was an amazing success!

Staff and students brought something to share with their fellow colleagues that represents their cultural heritage and enabling the learning and acceptance of other cultures from all over the world. Delicious dishes ranging from iconic Spanish charcuterie through to delectable Malaysian desserts, tingled everybody’s taste buds and most importantly their desire to learn a little bit more about other cultures, whilst savouring delightful foreign tastes from abroad! Yummy…!

At ZOI Education we strive to provide our students with vital knowledge and experience enabling them to be job ready. In this day and age, where the internet and ease of travel has brought the world’s cultures together, as it has in Melbourne, we recognise that to be a true professional, one must also be a true international.

We will run this event again in the future, especially as ZOI Education’s student cohort is becoming more and more multicultural with every new application.

We would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to our students and staff for providing a most delicious and entertaining lunch!

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