6 Reasons to Consider an Early Childhood Education and Care VET Course in Australia

Early Childhood Education and Care & VET Course

Whether you already have experience working with children or not, there are many benefits to studying a Certificate or Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care in Australia. These benefits go beyond improving your communication skills and opening your mind to new opportunities and experiences. Could Early Childhood be a good match for you and your career dreams? Have a look below and find out the main reasons why students choose to take this path.

  1. You have a passion for working children

This goes without saying, and is the most important factor to consider. Working with babies, toddlers and children is a rewarding experience. You will get to care for them and observe them learn new things every day. In some cases, you will need a healthy dose of patience (both with the children and with their adult parents). Still, your hard work will pay off, as you watch children grow and achieve important milestones. If you embark on this journey with passion, you are sure to enjoy every moment of it.

  1. You are looking for an industry with plenty of employment opportunities

The Early Childhood industry is a fast-growing one in Australia. The demand for Early Childhood Educators is increasing as mothers return to work soon after giving birth. As of June 2018, over 1.2 million children were attending an approved Early Childhood and Care Service. Over 18,000 Services were operating in Australia. There were over 120,000 vacancies in long day care and over 210,000 in before and after school care. Qualified Early Childhood Educators are scarce in Australia, and their demand will continue to grow. This makes your chances of landing a great job even higher!

  1. You have considered a Bachelor in Education, but you want to start with a more practical approach

Applying for a Bachelor of Education (Early Years) can be a significant investment of time and money. A Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care can be the perfect stepping stone when you are unsure whether this is the right industry for you. Other than being less expensive, Vocational courses have a practical learning approach. You will get an opportunity to work part-time while you study. This will not only help you financially, but also with your assessments. In some cases, you might even be able to get a Credit Transfer with selected Universities. For instance, by completing the Diploma with ZOI Education, you can transfer your credits to one of our partner Universities.

  1. You just had a baby

Even if you don’t dream of starting your career as an Early Childhood Educator, you can still benefit from learning more about children’s development and how to look after them. If you want to raise your child following a safe and proven method, a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care can make the difference. During your training, you will learn about health and safety, first aid, promoting healthy food and drinks, supporting children’s play, and much more. You might also meet people from other countries, making long-lasting friendships without borders. Who knows, you might even meet a fellow mother to compare notes with!

  1. You would like to set up your own Early Childhood Education and Care Service

Because it is going through such rapid growth, the Early Childhood industry is quite a profitable one in Australia. Perhaps you are thinking of opening your own long day care centre, or want to start a business in Early Childhood Education. If this is the case, you will first need how the industry work, especially health & safety and compliance. Through a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, you will get all the tools necessary to succeed not only at managing a Service, but also at setting up your own, be it in Australia or in another country.

  1. You want a multicultural experience

Australia is a great study destination for those who want to experience a true melting pot of nationalities. International Colleges offer you the opportunity to meet and study with people from all over the world. Aside from the classroom, your work placement experience is also a great place to develop cultural awareness. In the major Australian cities, you will meet children from different cultural backgrounds. To prepare you for this experience, your course includes modules about cultural competence, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural safety, and working well with diverse children.