Lydia Kelemen


With her 23-year experience in the Early Childhood Industry, Lydia has been working at ZOI since October 2018 and is  urrently our Assistant Training Manager. A trainer and assessor for the last 8 years, she previously worked in various Early Childhood Services covering roles such as assistant educator, lead educator and Centre manager.
She absolutely loves working with children and watching them grow as they achieve new milestones. This passion, combined with her knowledge and industry experience, she shares with our students to ensure they are provided
with the best quality training possible. Her mission is to lead students to employment within the industry.

Having had to learn English as a second language and adapt to life in a new community, Lydia is well aware about the specific needs of international students, and she has been able to assist them in this difficult process. Energetic and full of life, she has always dreamt of being a teacher, striving to learn and grow professionally at every opportunity. She is incredibly determined to achieve anything she sets her mind to, and is a true inspiration for our students. Plus she gets along with literally anybody. Except mice, that is. She’s absolutely petrified of them…