Erisa Haitaka


After a Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management and 8 years in the Hospitality and Hotel industry, Erisa realised that it was time to move on and pursue a career in the Education industry.

Having studied in Australia herself, she understands the challenges and rewards that come with this journey, and her newly-found passion is assisting international students in reaching their goals and dreams. This is something she does quite wonderfully here at ZOI as a Student Support Coordinator. Always ready to lend her sympathetic ear, you will find her bubbly and positive personality quite endearing.

Her dream job as a child was to become a flight attendant, so she could travel around the world and get to know different cultures. To this day, she is curious about travelling and experiences her love for multiculturalism by tasting and experimenting with different world cuisines. Please share your best recipes with her!